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Training and coaching

Foundational training and coaching

Disciple making is at the core of J-Life. Learn about a disciple making strategy for your youth ministry in four modules that build on each other. These Modules are trained at a minimum of a three month interval period during which the trainees begin implementing the training. J-Life is committed to coaching those who do the training to ensure that they are able to implement the theory learned. Coaching for implementation follows the training of each module.

Specific outcomes:
Grow leaders as disciplemakers through training and coaching
Implement effective disciplemaking ministries among youth in their ministry context
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Additional Ministry Training Available Through J-Life

J-Life Africa is committed to ensuring that affordable and relevant youth ministry training is made available to the local church. For this purpose, J-Life offers a number of supplementary training courses that can be used as tools to build on the foundational training material.

Please contact the office at should you require any of the training.

Courses marked Basic (B) are available for download by clicking on the header. If you are interested in any of the courses marked Intermediate (I) you would need some training before you are able to offer them.
If you are interested in any of the courses marked Advanced (A), please contact the J-Life office in order to request an accredited J-Life trainer to present the material.

Please see outline below and scroll down for more details.

I. Youth Ministry Introduction
Youth ministry in context – looks at youth culture and sub-culture (B)
Stages of development – looks at developmental stages and specific characteristics at each stage (B)
The church and youth ministry – looks at a healthy climate for youth ministry in the local church (B)

II. Developing a Strategy for youth ministry
Part 1: Introduction

Setting YM purpose and managing it (A)
Models of Youth Ministry (I)

Part 2: Programming and Managing at each level.
Programming at the Commitment Levels. (A)

III. Building depth in your Youth
Part 1: The Philosophy of Building Believers in their Faith (B)
The need for building/discipling believers in their faith (B)
The definition of Christ-like discipleship (B)
Broad principles for effective Christ-like discipleship and Common barriers to effective discipleship Discipleship priorities of Jesus (B)

Part 2: Spiritual Disciplines
Introduction to the Disciplines (B)
Study on the different disciplines: Bible Intake, Prayer, Worship, Evangelism, Serving, Stewardship, Fasting, Silence and Solitude, Journaling, Learning, Simplicity (B)

Part 3: 1-on-1 Mentoring (A)
The definition of mentoring
The Biblical concept of a mentoring relationship
Different models of mentoring
The mentor’s role
Marks of a mentor
Practicalities of mentoring for the mentor
Practicalities of mentoring for the mentoree
How to set up a mentoring programme
The first meeting of mentor and mentoree
How do Community, Learning, Worship, Service and Prayer fit into a Mentoring Relationship?

Part 4: Small Groups (A)
A philosophy of small groups/Understanding small groups
Understanding the importance of small groups from Scripture and Jesus’ life
The importance of Community when understanding small groups
Why teenagers need small groups
Different approaches to small groups
A small group model
Leadership within the small group
How do you go about leading the time of learning, worship and prayer?
The process of multiplication
Putting material together
What benefits can we gain from small groups?
What benefits can be gained specifically for evangelism in this model that we have looked at?
Why do small groups often fail?

Part 5: Communicating God’s word to Youth (A)
How to Develop Curriculum
How to put together a Talk
How to prepare a Bible study
Expository vs Topical teaching
Communicating the word in a schools set-up

Part 6: Using Church Services to Build Youth (B)
Involve youth in the services
Communicating the Word
Planned pre or post services in the community

IV. Equipping Youth for Ministry
This training is aimed at giving tools to help leaders get youth involved in ministry. This helps leaders move youth from being hearers of God’s word to doers.
The training is done in 6 parts:

Part 1: Helping every believer become a Minister (A)
Encouraging youth to minister
Ministry in accordance to their make-up (Spiritual Gifts, Passion, Abilities, Personality, Experience)
Running a gifts workshop
Placing youth in their gifting

Part 2: Helping youth touch their Community (A). This is run as a weekend Camp and is a Life transforming experience for youth
Giving youth opportunity to minister to others as they serve in Church and in the community
Service projects that scratch where it is itching
Putting together a plan to touch the community
Planning and orchestrating a Service project
Recruiting youth to be involved
Maintaining momentum
Ministering Christ through caring for people

Part 3: Helping youth to minister to Children (A)
How to train youth to effectively lead children
Understanding children
The importance of youth Developing long term relationships with children
Using youth to run small groups with children
Training youth to lead children to Christ
Using music and drama with children
Youth being involved in a ministry that teaches children to:
o Love God’s word
o Pray
o Show God’s love to the community

Part 4: Equipping Youth to minister through Music and Drama(A)
Part 5: Short Term Equipping Mission (A)
Understanding Missions
Purpose of Short Term Missions
Ministry options on a Short Term Mission
Putting together the programme
During and After the Mission
Understanding Cultures and Ministry (A)
Practical implementation of the theory (5 days mission trip)

Part 6: Holiday Bible Club – (A)
This training is aimed at equipping a few key leaders from the church to put together a HBC within your church. The training covers all aspects of a club – from each days programme to what games to play with the children
Using youth as leaders during a Holiday Bible Club
Recruiting Leaders
Running a Training Camp for the Leaders
The logistics of a HBC
How to develop your own curriculum or find curriculum

Part 7: Worship Ministry Training – (A)
This training is aimed at equipping a few key leaders from the church to lead youth in worship both corporately and individually
The life of the worship leaders
Practical skills in leading
Building a team
Practical worship team skills

V. Equipping youth to share their faith
This training aims at mobilizing youth to share their faith with their peers in lifestyle evangelism.

Part 1: Jesus and Evangelism (I)
Jesus’ model of evangelism
Process of Evangelism
o Placing yourself where you can Tell the Truth
o Making Contact
o Relationship building
o Sharing your faith
o Calling for a response

Part 2: Training youth to Share their faith (I)
Using Your Testimony
Triple T (Telling The Truth) Gospel presentation Course
Tools to share our faith – tracts, colours, questionnaire

Part 3: Leaders role (I)
Creating an environment for Youth to share their faith through:
o One on One evangelism – House visitation, Shopping mall evangelism
o Small Groups – Open airs, Home Groups,
o Big groups, Youth rallies, Schools Ministry
o Running Camps (I)
o Sports ministry (A)
Encouraging Peer on Peer Evangelism

Part 4: Schools Ministry Evangelism – Ergo Leadership resources

VI. Training for the Leader/Shepherds
This training equips leaders in:

Part 1: Leadership Skills (A)
Leading with Values
Leading with Vision
Leading with Mission
Leading by Goal setting
Leading by Evaluation
Leading by Empowering the next generation

Part 2: Management Skills (A)
Time Management
Conflict Management
Crisis Management
Team Management
Change Management
Event Management
Calendar Management
Ministry Management

Part 3: Building a Team (DISC Personality Profiling) (A)
Understanding different personality styles
Getting people to work according to their strengths
Adjusting behavior to enhance team work

VII. Other training offered:

Part 1: Sports Ministry and the Local Church (A)
Discovering a Biblical foundation for sports ministry
Learning how to use sports as a tool to reach young people through sports days, coaching, running leagues, etc.

Part 2 Emotional Intelligence (A)
Part 3 Schools Ministry (A)

World Teach material
Vision of the leader (A)
Teaching with Style (A)

GC Beta Groups

Intensive 1 year programme

Further Theological Training

Should any J-Life Alumni wish to study further, J-Life has established partnerships with two Theological Seminaries that offer these Alumni credit for any training done through us.

For more information of these seminaries…

Short Term Missions Opportunities

J-Life has many needs that can be met through teams of short term missionaries coming out to assist. This might be something that your youth ministry or church would like to get involved in. Areas that you can help:

Building projects on J-Life training centers
Maintenance and repairs on our training centers
Youth ministry/Childrens work alongside some of the J-Life youth missionaries
Church building project
Social upliftment projects alongside churches J-Life is working with
Ministry training with young emerging leaders

Venue: in any of 11 countries (Country Location)

Duration: 5 to 14 days (longer trips can be arranged)
Contact us for more details at


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