From Buildings/Programmes focus TO a People-centred focus

When last have you said any of the following?

What time does your church start?

Have you seen the small church on the corner of the street?

We are raising funds to build a church.

I will be leaving church at 2:30PM today.

This is my church.

Do you have church during the week?

We had so many people at church last Sunday.

For many of my years as a follower of ...

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From Telling to Modeling

In the early stages of my Christian life, the Lord connected me to a man who laid a strong foundation in my life. He did this by modeling the priorities of prayer and the study of Gods Word. This man’s example motivated me to start practicing prayer and studying Gods Word early on in my walk with the Lord. Through him, I learnt that ...

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From theory or information transferral to application or life on life transformation

Grab a piece of paper and pen for this exercise. Got it? Do you have a pen and paper? Im serious, you need pen and paper. Now that you do, please write down 10 sermons that have been impactful in your life. You have up to 30 seconds to do this.

Almost everyone struggles to remember 10 impactful sermons they have heard. My cousins and I struggled every Sunday at supper time when ...

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Theoretical Skin

[Exploring the Paradigm Shift: From Theory/Information Transferal TO Application/Life on Life Transformation]

Have you ever been at lunch on a Sunday after church and someone asks you what the sermon was about, and your response goes something like: HmmI think it was something to do with grace?

Studies (1) have shown that people retain:

90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately.
75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned.
50% of what they learn ...

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From Unbiblical Tradition to Biblical Practices

I remember when I first turned 16 and was so looking forward to what every 16 year-old counts down the days for getting my drivers license. I went through the usual Drivers Ed course when I was 15, and when my 16th birthday finally rolled around in late May (after most of my grade had already celebrated theirs) I went as soon as I could to the (usually dreaded) Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). But oh, I was ecstatic! ...

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Lead as Jesus Led

If you were to define “president,” without using a dictionary, what words would come to mind?(Try to keep it general, not based on personal opinion).

Here’s a few that lists: chief, executive, controller, director

If you were to define “pastor or church leader” would it make sense to use some of the same words?

What happens when our concept of someone in the highest-ranking government leadership position overlaps with our concept of a leader called to lead in ministry?

Does the church ...

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Paradigm Shift: From following Fads TO following Jesus’ Model

We’ve all been there: your church-going friend asks you, “Hey! Have you heard of such-and-such book? It’s amazing. My Bible study group has started going through it, and man, is it powerful.” Note: You can insert in here any Christian book or study that has caught the popular eye in Christian circles.

If you have been a believer for any length of time, chances are, ...

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