From Addition to Multiplication

Lets start by doing some mathematics. At school it was one of my favorite subjects. According to the Joshua Project, the World population is currently 7.6 billion people. Of this, 41.5% are unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; that is, about 3.15 billion people.

In reference to His second coming, Jesus said that it will happen when the Gospel of the Good News is preached everywhere (Matt 24:14; Mark 13:10). With 3.15 billion unreached people we still have a long way to go until then. But this will happen because Jesus says: You can be sure it will come to pass. The question is: are you going to be part of it?

The Kingdom of God will expand either through addition or by multiplication. On the day of Pentecost, 3000 people were added to the newly formed Church. Lets assume that 3000 people will be added daily to the Church today it will take approximately 2916 years to reach 3.15 billion unreached people. That is called addition and will take far too long – about 75 generations. (These calculations dont take the growth of the worlds population into account). On the other hand if one person, just one, decides to make one disciple in one year, and teaches that person to also make one disciple in one year, and that process continues, then it will take 33 years to reach 3.15 billion unreached people. It would not take even one generation to complete the job (even taking population growth into consideration). And this is only through one person that person could be you!

How is this possible? It is possible through the power of the multiplication. By making disciples, we multiply ourselves in them and teach them to do so with others. At the beginning, the process of multiplication can seem to be very slow. Picture the following scenario: You start by discipling one person every year. In turn, each of these people disciple one person every year. After four years, there will be fifteen people who have been reached through your influence. Alternatively, pastors who started churches at the same time as you started discipling one person, may possibly have more than a thousand members. However, if you continue to apply the process that each person disciples another person every year, then there will be more than 4 billion disciplemakers after just 32 years of applying this model!

Multiplication is a real factor when it comes to accelerating the expansion of the Kingdom of God. We multiply ourselves by producing disciplemakers, but we go even further than this by teaching our disciples to also mobilise disciplemaking movement within the nations they are sent to. This makes the acceleration of the expansion of the Kingdom go viral.

To conclude, I want to invite you to think about yourself. Do you want to be part of the acceleration of the expansion of the kingdom of God? Then start by being a disciplemaker of one person. If you are already making disciples, be of good courage. At the start it may seems as if you are wasting time in comparison to what others are doing. However, picture this: a car does not reach the speed of 100km/h without first having a speed of 10, 20, 30km/h. It starts slowly but with acceleration gets faster and faster. We can see the same thing happen with disciplemaking in our generation.

Let us continue making disciples, teaching them and releasing them to do the same. If we are faithful to this, we will see a movement of disciplemaking happening everywhere in the world. Perhaps then we will see the second coming of Jesus happening in our lifetime!